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Walking with the Inca's and Christmas and New Year in SA 18.02.2010
Beaches of Chile, to the deserts of Argentina and Bolivia 15.12.2009
Camping it up around New Zealand 23.11.2009
Tales from the land they call down under 21.10.2009
South East Asia on a shoestring or should it be flip flop? 08.10.2009
South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland - Loadsa passport stamps 08.09.2009
Namibia the land of desert, sand and wind 13.08.2009
Is it Africa time? 06.07.2009
India will I miss you? 15.06.2009
Good bye Nepal, hello India! 22.05.2009
Keith McIntosh R.I.P. 07.05.2009
Fly by visit to Delhi and Nepal Trekking 30.04.2009
Good bye France 08.04.2009
Road Trips, Extreme Riding & Good Times 28.03.2009
Life in a beat up 26 year old camper van in Chamonix 02.03.2009
The past month!! 12.02.2009
More snow in Bulgaria 11.01.2009
Heading to Bulgaria via Italy 11.01.2009
My journey to France and the first week... 07.01.2009
Last few weeks and just over three weeks to go.. 01.12.2008
Season Passed out!!! 18.11.2008
Spent the night in Bertha... 16.11.2008
To Castleford and back or not as the case maybe.... 15.11.2008
Flights 10.11.2008
More Thoughts 03.11.2008
To do lists! 21.10.2008
Dilemma!!! 21.10.2008
The Planning Stage 12.10.2008