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December 2008

Last few weeks and just over three weeks to go..

Bertha goes silent


Well quite a bit has happened over the past few weeks. The last weekend I basically caught what felt like TB and stayed in all weekend and watched TV, in fact to be exact I watched 16 episodes of The IT Crowd and about 6 films between eating copious amount of soup and Lemsip.... The makings of an award winning blog posting I think not!!

Anyway on the weekend of the 22nd I took big Bertha along with my friend Gavin Longley to North Wales, on the way over my state of the art iPod stereo system basically blew up, before you say anything it was quite loud.... On a unscheduled toilet stop I decided to have a quick look at the wiring and fuses, couldn't see anything drastically wrong so continued with only good conversation and our even better singing voices, there was talk of 'The Cherokees', Gav and I bands reforming.....

By the time we got to our destination we managed to have a couple of beers, it was when I went to the cash point I realised that I had lost my wallet, obviously on the unscheduled toilet stop! Realising there was nothing we could do about it we got our heads down for the night!

Went for a nice walk in the morning and saw some of the Welsh countryside and then drove home!! So the main points here are, Big Bertha got me to Wales and back, the best part of 270 miles. About 170 of those without any music and the fact that I also lost my wallet...

Now after cancelling all my cards on the Sunday I came into work on the Monday to find that a lady called Rachel had phoned from Colwyn Bay police station to tell me that my wallet had been handed in! Now I don't know about you but when things like this happen is really does restore my faith in the world.

I promptly phoned the police lady, who confirmed that my wallet had been handed. I must point out that this lady was very polite and efficient and bent over backwards to try and get the wallet back to me as soon as possible, I must say she also sounded hot :-) She then basically went on to tell me that a guy had handed the wallet in but confessed to taking 20 quid out because he was skint, I was like 'well I guess I would have given him something for handing it in as it wasn't about the money it was more about my driving licenses, gym card etc...', anyway I saw the funny side of it and Rachel said the guy was going to bring the money back in when he got paid! Almost a week later I speak to Rachel and to cut an already long story short, the guy had brought the 20 quid back in. So it seems that my wallet is winging its way back to me as we speak with all its contents... Looks like I will not have to send knee cap finance round to the guy that handed my wallet in and lent 20 quid out of it :-) Seriously I have asked for his address so I will make sure I send him something for been such a good citizen!

I must say that Rachel did all she could and its makes a refreshing change to find someone working in the public sector who does everything within their powers to make the whole process as painless as possible!! After all she could have just said I have to drive to Colwyn Bay and back!! Hats off to you officer!!

Oh one last big bit of news, my Chamonix season pass has arrived so I should be straight on them lifts when I get to the village!! Hopefully midday 27th Dec... Big Bertha permitting!!

One last thing, you will be pleased to know I have now fixed the stereo!! Seems it blew a inline fuse... Anyway I have up-rated it from a 3A to 5A!! I would have gone stir crazy on that journey with any music!! Though if it catches on fire like one of Bowdens motors then I would ask the fire investigators to start there :-)

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